Monday, 28 March 2011

Al fresco thrills

S U N !

Yes actual sun, and in spades. Thank you Mother Nature for celebrating the clocks going forward for British Summer Time by giving us a weekend of sun-baked blessed relief.

I'd rather fortuitously taken Friday off work to see a friend, and so resulted my first picnic of the year. In March. This may be the first, last and only time I am able to write those words.

As it was an impromptu affair we had nothing more than some great french bread, a few cheeses from La Cave à Fromage in South Kensington and some patisserie to spread over our blanket. And sometimes that's enough.

If you haven't yet discovered La Cave à Fromage you must go - they have a fantastic range of cheeses and really enthused, friendly staff. The smiley girl who I spoke to was happy to talk through what was good and ripe at the moment, and able to guide us with her personal recommendations.

My favourite was the Morbier au Lait Cru (photo, above), a mountain cow's milk made 50/50 from the morning and evening milkings. Sweet, nutty and thoroughly delectable eaten in the dappled shade of Kensington Gardens.

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