Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More tales from Portugal: Peniche

A small window into another time...

We saw these fish drying in the sun next to the usual washing line of clothes down a quiet street in Peniche.  The town's traditional fishing industry is still running - some parts of town hum with the smell of sardine canneries - but is now supplemented by tourism, and surfers hoping to catch one of the energetic waves that thrash the sandy beaches.

These look like some sort of rays to me but we didn't spot them in any restaurant windows.  I like that Peniche is still the sort of town where people are trusted not to take what they find - a philosophy which extends to their churches, where valuable icons are sometimes left unattended.  I am sad to say it would never happen in London, but it was nice to know that way of life still exists, somewhere.


  1. I love the shadows on the wall

  2. It was very sunny! The light has a very clear, bright quality that you don't get in London. Sigh.


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