Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 201

Aren't these just beautiful? They're part of Lisa Congdon's A Collection a Day project. It's a simple idea done well; photographing or drawing a collection every day and posting it for our gratification. The joy of her blog is the arranging and reordering of the objects, every day revealing new ways to view the same old jaded possessions. It appeals to the obsessive compulsive in me.

These vintage Yugoslavian enamel ladles from Day 201 caught my eye for their striking resemblance to an ill-practiced sychronised swimming team. Little red at the front is letting the side down.


  1. I recently found and deeply admired your blog. Some of your photographs even inspired me to paint. I would remain a silent admirer if it weren't for this post. I am Turkish and i have to make a correction and say here that these are not ladles but Turkish coffee pots (called "cezve" in Turkish). Here are some others.

    Looking forward to future posts...

  2. Hi Zinnur,
    Thanks for the lovely comments, and for the correction. I hope you're continuing to paint, I used to, and enjoyed it a lot!

    The pots are quite beautiful. It was lovely to see the variety of colours they come in from your link - I had no idea! They're going on my (long long..!) christmas list for next year :)


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