Thursday, 24 February 2011

I can dream

Hobnail Milk Glass Cake Stand, by Barking Sands Vintage at Etsy

Etched glass domes, by Camel & Yak

Green American Milk Glass Cake Stands, by Re-Found Objects

Dessert pedestal, by E. Isabella Designs at Etsy
Dessert pedestal, by E. Isabella Designs at Etsy

Today has felt like an unexpected summer.

It's been glorious to feel the sun on my face and escape the drudgery of cold, wet days that have made up the last couple of months.  My friend Jess popped round this morning with her three month old baby, who squinted into the sun for the first time in my back garden.  Baby sunglasses will be coming soon...

So I'm starting my summer wish list, and leading the way are these vintagey cake stands to supplement my burgeoning collection.

Close your eyes, sit back and imagine the fancy cakes teetering precariously high on one of these lovelies as you pour yourself a second glass of fresh lemonade.  Maybe butter a scone while you're at it, and why not?  It's summertime.

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