Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To dry for

Pots and Pans, by Louise Fougstedt
Carrot tea towel by H&M
Hat tea towel by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau
Doves tea towel, by Sara Berner

Yes, I realise that tea towel appreciation is a rather niche activity but I'm hoping that someone out there might share my passion for these dish drying beauties!

I've always shied away from owning truly lovely kitchen textiles on the grounds that they would inevitably be ruined within moments. I've lived with other people for long enough to know that you can't trust anyone (no, not even your most trusted friends) to truly respect the pristine beauty of a spotless new tea towel. And an expensive tea towel covered in spilt pasta sauce is enough to reduce me to tears.

So the conundrum: to buy or not to buy?


  1. These are all those lovely! I've been wanting to start a kitchen something collection, maybe tea towels is the way to go!

  2. Sigh, aren't they just? I'm still deliberating... But if you have a safe clean place in your kitchen, I'd start collecting now. Love your blog by the way!


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