Friday, 5 August 2011

A warm salad for a warm week

These sun-dried cherry tomatoes were a new Venice find. My first taste didn’t disappoint - they were lush and flavoursome. And my new snacking vice.

The first pioneering yellow cherry tomatoes blossomed to full sweetness in the garden this week, and would be a tasty addition to this salad. But I still think the first tomatoes should be eaten right there as they’re picked, still warm and fragrant from the sun. I love summer.


200g Beluga (or Puy) lentils
1 litre vegetable stock
150g mild, soft goat’s cheese
100g sun-dried cherry tomatoes
a whole fresh red chilli, finely chopped (seeds removed)
a large bunch of chives, chopped
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
the juice of half a lemon
salt and pepper

1)Simmer the lentils in the vegetable stock for 12-15 minutes, until tender, then drain and leave to cool a little.

2)Dice the cheese into 1cm pieces and stir into the warm lentils with the cherry tomatoes, chives, and chilli. Squeeze over the lemon juice and pour over the oil, then season with lots of pepper and a little salt.

3)Serve warm, or room temperature – but definitely not cold.


  1. THis sounds delicious! I must give this a try!! Lovely photograph!!

  2. Thanks! I was expecting it to taste a bit worthy because of the lentils (the health kick is still on - well partially anyway) but there's something really moreish about the combination of goats cheese and cherry toms.... Mmmm....

  3. Mmm, that looks delicious. And I love the goat cheese in there - yummy!

  4. hi, thanks for sharing. it looks lovely and definitely must taste awesome. will give a try! have a nice day dear!


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