Monday, 7 November 2011

The London Honey Company

Ah, the sweet smell of accidental success! I stumbled across the London Honey Company's open house at Maltby Street a couple of weekends ago, not entirely on purpose. But what a wonderful accident... Their office doubles up as a workshop where they cut the honeycombs and coax honey from wooden frames.  The air is thick with the intoxicating scent of busy bees work.

Steve the beekeeper is on a mission to get us to try London's delights, bringing us honeys from the breadth of this city and beyond.  I chose a sticky wedge of honeycomb from Wapping.  Ask nicely and they might direct you to their stash of bee pollen.

It was a decent chunk of comb, hand cut and prettily boxed, but unfortunately so delicious that we were unable to stop ourselves gobbling up the whole thing in one sitting, one sliver at a time, with a loaf of sourdough.  Heaven.

If you're passing their way on the last Saturday of the month, I highly recommend that you pop in for a visit. They're extremely friendly and patient - and didn't seem to mind explaining to me where honey came from...


The London Honey Company
Open studio at Maltby Street on the last Saturday of the month
54-58 Tanner Place, 9am-2pm


  1. Sounds great. I've never actually eating honey comb. Is it waxy? What's it like?

  2. Well this batch converted me, I never used to like honey. The comb gives some texture so it tastes less cloying than straight honey, and it sticks to your teeth in a rather delicious way... It doesn't actually taste waxy at all, but the wax texture does come through after you've eaten, simply because it hangs around a bit longer!

  3. I've heard that very local honey is a good cure for hayfever. I am going to go there and get some. Thanks for finding it


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