Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A very Stylist girl

Dry mouth, sweaty palms, and a racing heart. I was perhaps a touch overexcited (and still a little breathless!) to see one of my recipes in Stylist magazine today. My Wednesday morning always includes a copy en route to work, collected outside Charing Cross station and then squirreled away until I can digest each page properly on the journey home.

This week marks their 100th issue, which you might reasonably assume would be marked by champagne and cupcakes in the Stylist office. Instead they bravely chose to hand over the reins to their 400,000+ readership, who have designed, written, styled and illustrated every page. And I'm one of them!

I spent a very girlie Saturday morning a few weeks ago with Katie and Mariam, the other Issue 100 cooks, playing with the whizzy kitchen gadgets in the Meile showroom near Oxford Circus while we cooked the dishes to be photographed. The very talented photographer who took the photo above is Nato Welton, who more than did justice to our creations.

Check out the spread here on the website, or have a peek at page 63 if you have the good-old-fashioned hardcopy.


  1. Yey!!! Looks fantastic. Very proud of you. x

  2. Looks delicious & very impressive that your dish got chosen over so many others x

  3. Thanks! It was great fun to be part of it, I hope they do more reader-led issues in the future x

  4. Congrats! Not only is that a great photo, but a wonderful recipe. Keep it up!


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