Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I ❤ Wilton's

Hackney is my second neighbourhood now thanks to a new job, and my foot was barely in the door before I'd scoped out the local cafe talent.

The front runner by a country mile so far is Wilton's cafe on Wilton Way. An achingly cool mishmash of vintage and modern style (put together by designers Dog & Wardrobe), it's usually filled with local hipsters settling in for a perfectly made coffee or something from the small but perfectly formed menu.

For veggie/pescatarians like myself, I'd recommend the avocado on toasted sourdough bread - a great example of something simple made wonderful through the use of good, fresh ingredients. They also have great taste in music and show an eclectic array of local artist's work on the wall. Go before the 26th September and you can also drop into Keep Me Posted next door, an exhibition curated by White Cube director Julia Royse.

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