Saturday, 3 July 2010

Afternoon delight

Today we went strawberry picking and returned with muddied knees and mouths stained red. More in our bellies than in the basket, as always.

Picking at high noon means that my shoulders are now tinged pink, but it was worth it - the strawberries are perfect little bursts of pure, summery delight! And there's more to come: tucked away in the kitchen next to the strawberries are raspberries, gooseberries and courgette flowers.

The strawberries were be eaten as nature intended, with a glass of prosecco and two friends in the garden this evening. Heaven.

If you'd like to pick your own (and possibly test one or two), I can wholeheartedly recommend Garson's in Esher. It has fruit, vegetable and flower picking throughout the summer, and a mouthwatering farm shop to boot.

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