Thursday, 1 July 2010

Stressed coriander?

This is the first year that I've attempted any sort of coherent schedule of growing food.

So far, there has been (with varying rates of success):

Rocket (easy)
Chives (weedy but tasty)
Parley (fair)
Coriander (not fair!)
Mixed leaf lettuce (rampant)
Spinach (slugged but still tasty)
Thyme (slugged before I could get to it)
Basil (still going)
Spring onions (not really worth it)
Wild garlic (non existent)
Pea shoots (brilliantly easy, tasty and pretty)
Tomatoes (watch this space...)

The lettuce is by far the most successful - I haven't had to buy a bag of lettuce from the supermarket in two months now. Finally, liberation!

The coriander however, was barely tasted before it went to flower. I looked up the cause of this and apparently the plant must have been 'stressed'. So now it's Bach before bedtime and a gentle rub of the leaves whenever a scary pigeon passes by. Poor baby.

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