Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tiffany Tuck Shop

My thighs ache, my nose is pink and my fingers are still a little numb but I still love my annual ice skate!

Like last year, I chose the spectacular setting of Somerset House on the Strand as the scene of my humiliation. I'm not an accomplished skater at all. Oh no. But this year I did at least avoid any sudden collisions with the ice or fellow twirlers, and as always it was wonderfully festive.  The rink opened tonight so everything still has a dewy newness to it.

If I was better on the ice I might have attempted a lap holding one of the retro sweeties on offer at the Tiffany Tuck Shop, which has taken up a permanent, tempting residence to one side of the rink.  It's pure Wonkaland in there.

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