Thursday, 7 October 2010

Granny's favourites

Sadly not my actual Granny's cookbook, but possibly one she might have taken some tips from in her heyday.  I found this fab little book of meatless meals from 1934 in a Brighton junk shop.  Amongst the well-turned pages and tattered corners it has some real recipe gems, all fish based or vegetarian.  I think I may have found my culinary ancestry.

My personal favourites include Eggs a la Tripe (does not contain tripe!), Winchester Pudding (bread, jam and cinnamon steamed in a custard), Stargazy Pasties (as with the pie, the fish peek out of the pastry), and an Excellent Fish Pie, which casually suggests the inclusion of oysters which were apparently rather less expensive back in the day!

Anachronisms aside, it's fascinating that there was real interest in pescetarianism 80 years ago, or at least enough people reducing meat in their diets to justify the publication of a book of recipes.  I tend to think it's a rather modern dietary quirk, but apparently gran beat us to it.

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