Sunday, 3 October 2010

Putting the world to rights, one cup at a time

Behind St. Lazare station, Cartier-Bresson
I was cruelly betrayed by a pair of shoes today; I discovered a hole, previously unnoticed, but large enough to allow a sizeable puddle inside. Tut tut.

The skies over London have been pouring in a relentless torrent for what seems like weeks, but is possibly only since last Thursday. But there are very few things in life as trivial but demoralising as having wet feet.

The first thing I did on my return (after kicking off the offending shoes) was to make some crisp cinnamon toast and a small but intense cup of hot chocolate. It serves much the same purpose as adding a teaspoon of mustard to a scalding foot bath, as they used to do in ye olden days to ward off chills. I can't vouch for the mustard but chocolate and cinnamon seemed to do the trick for me.

Spiced hot Chocolate
Serves 1

200ml milk
a pinch of ground cinnamon
a tiny pinch of ground cloves
a little grating of fresh nutmeg
8 squares of Green & Blacks' 70% dark chocolate
1 tsp honey

1) Whisk all the ingredients in a pan until the chocolate has melted, the milk is frothy, and your patience can take no more. Consume wearing warm slippers and thanking your lucky stars that you at least had a brolly.

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