Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Now where did I leave that knife...?

Imagine that classic cook's conundrum: you've just whipped up a batch of spectacular something or other, and then you realise that your ring is missing. Now imagine it with an 6" cooks knife. One minute it was in my hand and the next....whooosh! Spirited away to who knows where.  I have an awful feeling it may still turn up embedded in a loaf of bread.

So, a new knife is needed.  I'm usually a Sabatier girl; I like the solidity and weight of their knives, but I do feel like this could be an opportunity to try something new.  I have friends who swear by razor sharp Japanese blades, but on a purely aesthetic level I find their design a bit cold and futuristic.

I found this rather classic knife block by Robert Knight while I was browsing for a replacement. It's been around for a while now so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to buy a future design classic?  Oh, I was supposed to be shopping for a knife wasn't I..?

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