Monday, 20 December 2010

Gift worthy truffles #1: white chocolate and cointreau

A three-parter of delicious, booze laden truffles. You really can't make too many of these as a surprising amount go missing at the 'testing' stage.  Best of all, it's a totally fool-proof recipe that I make year after year with good results.

These will be packed into chic little jars and tied with ribbon and hand-made labels before they make their way towards my friends and family.  I may save one for myself as I rather love the moment of breaking into a special package of chocs...

White chocolate truffles with Cointreau
Makes 35-40

300g white chocolate
100ml double cream
3½ tbsp Cointreau
25g butter
200g dark chocolate

1) Place all the ingredients except the dark chocolate in a bowl over a bain marie until melted, mix well then leave to cool. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours.

2) Now scoop out balls with a ½ teaspoon measure, rolling between your hands to smooth, then place on a greaseproof paper covered tray. You may find it helps to keep a cup of boiling water to hand which you periodically dip the scoop into, drying it first on a tissue.

3) Refrigerate the balls for a further hour, then melt the dark chocolate and, holding the truffle balls on a toothpick, quickly dip each one into the melted chocolate, shake off the excess, then leave to dry on greaseproof paper. To decorate, either sprinkle the tops with caster sugar while they are still wet, or wait until dry and drizzle with more melted chocolate.

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