Thursday, 16 December 2010

Violet cakes

Images: Tommy, Jason Lowe and Elsa Quarsell

The sweeter side of life is alive and kicking and lives on Wilton Way in Hackney.

Wilton Way was already my favourite lunch street in East London by virtue of hosting the caffeine haven that is Wilton's.  Now with the uber-cute Violet cake shop a little further down the road I am seriously considering a permanent move eastwards....or at the very least, renting a chair on the shop floor.

I've spotted the Violet stall at Broadway Market before, but at some point over the past year a small, unassuming shop popped up to sell their pretty cakes throughout the week.  It's a lovely place, kind of how you'd like your own kitchen to look, and has a warm, buzzy feeling from all the sugared-up customers.

I plan to spend some quality time exploring their range further, but for now I can say that the Salted Caramel mini cupcakes are quite delicious, and just the prettiest little things you can lay your hands on for a miserly ninety pence.

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