Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Unhampered desire

I usually drool over one of the many hampers offered by Harrods at this time of year; gaudy the shop may be, but by golly they give good hamper. This year however, they have been thoroughly trounced by the simply incredible Alice in Wonderland offerings from Sketch.

There are five on offer - all lovely- but this little beauty has stolen my heart.  It has the legs-akimbo Blaue Blume tea set by Tina Tsang! And Valrhona chocolate mice! And a spanking ruler from Coco de Mer! Ok, I could live without the last thing but it is a damn fine hamper, with that rare thing in the world of hampers, a sense of humour. And all wrapped up in a bird cage filled with elephants. I just love it beyond reason.

Order by Monday 22nd December for fun and games around the Christmas tree.

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