Saturday, 11 December 2010

Salivatingly good subscriptions

I can't imagine that one of these would not be met with joy under the tree on Christmas day, and they're all new/obscure enough to make it unlikely that even the most hardened foodie will have a subscription already.  I've heard great things about Fire & Knives, a quarterly magazine with the air of a food fanzine.  It's intelligently written, has ace design and graphics, and best of all it's edited by London food bloggers Rejina at Gastrogeek and Oliver Thring.

Gastronomica combines my own interests in food, culture and delicious (and sometimes disturbing) visuals so well that I can't quite believe I didn't hear about it until now.  The photography is just stunning.  It's nice to see there's room in the world for some quality art/food crossover.

I was a bit shocked to pick up a copy of Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies and find that it's actually rather good.  I'm not quite ready to adopt the full Martha lifestyle yet but her biscuits look delicious and pleasingly straightforward.

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