Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bellenden Deli-ght

 [bottom two images: Space Group of Architects Ltd]

Apologies for the silence...
I've been exceptionally busy finding out I have a new job - ergo, new wardrobe, new outlook, and no time! From next month I will be joining the illustrious but vaguely geeky crowd at the British Museum in working on a rather large project until 2013. It's an amazing opportunity and one I intend to embrace fully!  To ease back into the old routine it seems apt to write about one of the places I have been lazing in over the last few days as I ponder my future - an ace new hangout in Peckham.

Anderson & Co. is a spanking new cafe and deli on Bellenden Road, officially the 'nice' bit of Peckham. While I admit that while most of the area has a (possibly deserved) reputation for being a little rough around the edges, the Bellenden stretch has been determinedly sandpapering off the edges to present a more palatable face to the world.

The cafe inhabits the previous site of an organic, fair trade shop which never looked hugely enticing so I never ventured in. Lazy I know but hey. It slots in nicely beside posh-choc purveyors Melange, new gastropub The Victoria Inn, and the ultimate sign of gentrification, the sweet dog-grooming parlour. Oh, and those phallic bollards by Brit artist Antony Gormley.

This latest addition seems to be an instant hit; in my totally unscientific analysis (I passed twice on the bus) it was full both times.

The daily-changing menu serves basic, hearty fare like sandwiches, salads and soups, or deli platters made with their lush range of cheeses and cold meats.  I had a well made and intensely flavoured flat white coffee (made with Square Mile beans) but may have to try the cakes or savoury veggie tarts next time, they looked delicious! Everything is reasonably priced and the staff are genuinely friendly and welcoming. Overall it looks set to be a roaring success and my new fave local.
Anderson & Co.
139 Bellenden Road
London, SE15
tel: 020 7459 7078

Currently open 9-5pm, but soon moving to 8-8pm for those 'route to work' coffees

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  1. Hello! This is Anderson & Co, confessing that we've just pinched the lovely picture you took of our counter, to use on Twitter. We hope you don't mind...please let us know if you'd rather we didn't, and do drop by and introduce yourself, we'd love to give you a coffee to say thank you.


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