Thursday, 20 January 2011

I don't need you but I want you

Am I the last one to know about Supermarket Sarah?

I only clocked her genius mix of eclectic homewares and fashion at the new shop in Selfridges last week.  Trained as a graphic designer, she has a true magpie eye for cute and kitschy objet d'art, and curates her finds into 'walls' which can be found on her website.

The site pulls together a joyfully random array of objects; this Mr Jones Cup (top) by designer Polly George has a deliciously sinister sense of humour - the wicked child in me would love to surprise someone with the little head popping out of their morning coffee.

I also love Helen Turner's Sweet Jesus Tea Cosy, gently irreverent and crafted with love.  I think it would make me smile to see it on the breakfast table each morning.

It's hard to pick just one of the walls as a favourite but as a pet-deprived city-dweller her collaboration with Garudio Studiage strikes a chord.  Though if I was going to have a fantasy pet, I'd go for the lion cub.

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